Errolan Jardän

Name: Errolan Jardän
Aliases: None
Race: Dwarf
Affiliations: None
Status: Under observation of the Imperial Government
Crimes: No known crimes
Threat Level: Medium

History: Errolan is a dwarven noble sympathetic to the plight of the dammaz’i. His clan, long ago, was disgraced and sent to live in the northern cold hill region, where they struggled, scrapping by on the good graces of their dammaz’i slaves. Their dammaz’i respected the Jardäns, who treated them as equals.

After years of scraping by, the family’s ill=fated gold mine-long thought to be dry-hit a vein. But it was not gold which they found deep in the earth, but rather a vein of mithral. Further mining lead to another fortunate discovery; Adamantine. Over the next few decades the clan Jardän rose in wealth, power, and importance. Eventually their good fortune earned them a seat in Gromdal. Errolan, the clan’s more politically and urbane son, was sent secure the family’s holdings in the city. Once there he diversified his assets by purchasing a news paper (which rapidly became one of the more sucessful broadsheets in the region), a coffee house, as well as some real-estate, including a warehouse and a store front to sell goods from the northern cold hills.

Recently his coffee shop was attacked by a gang of Nekro-users, who were going to kill him until the intervention of members of the Thunderfell Nine.


Errolan Jardän

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