Gill Haldör

Name: Gillbert Haldör
Aliases: “Gill”
Race: Halfling/Hin
Affiliations: Thieves Guild, The Thunderfell Nine
Status: Currently believed to be captured or dead.
Crimes: Assaulting an Officer of the Law, Burglary, Conspiracy, Escaping Custody, Larceny, Murder
Threat Level: Very High

History: Former “legitimate” thief with the thieves guild (hailing from a long line of Thieves guild-hin) During a botched, and unsanctioned job, he was injured and rescued by a Merryweather Boggsworth, a Dammaz’i.

Together, in the ruins of an old order dedicated to policing and safe guarding the world from threats of both a terrestrial, and beyond, they took up a the mantle of thieves in the name of the Dammaz’i, for the Dammaz’i. In an effort to grow his reputation he took a particularly difficult job in the Thunderfell. He was encouraged to undertake the job by his long-time friend and partner Emanuel Sayterhause, and discouraged by his friend, and second-in-command, Boggs. He took the job, despite Boggs’ protests, and was betrayed, seemingly by Boggs.

Most recently he completed the job, and escaped the Thunderfell. He is the directing force behind The Thunderfell Nine, and their employer.

Gill Haldör

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