A Brief History of the World

The established time line starts at the great Lich wars. Seven Liches ruled the world with an iron fist. The human and dwarven kingdoms banded together to defeat the liches. Over a time period of many years, all but the last great lich was defeated. The last lich retreated underground.

As a product of the lich wars the sky is always over-cast. sometimes the cloud cover is light, and sometimes it is thick, but it is always there. There is also a fog in which many undead live in that comes and goes. An alchemical torch that burns white hot, Clear light Torches, are known to keep the fog at bay.

The dwarves, deciding that the lich threat was still very real, lead a campaign stretching several hundred years into the under-dark, to defeat the last lich. The human kingdoms balked at such an idea, considering the threat to be gone, and largely did not participate in the campaign to the under-dark.

Many years passed, and 12 human kingdoms, urged by their elven advisers, decided that the dwarves must be hoarding mass stores of wealth, and believing that the dwarven kingdom was too weak to defend their wealth began a siege on all of the dwarven strong holds. beaten back to their capital, the dwarves fault valiantly but, simply lacked the strength to defend themselves. Their best and strongest were battling the last lich. They made a last stand at the capital, sending the women, children, and cripples, into the caves beneath the city, and collapsed the city upon the invaders. a small force guarded the only passage by which the others had escaped. they where beaten down to a few defenders, when the dwarves returned from their campaign, and came roiling up from the depths to beat back the invaders. Infuriated by the humans actions in their absence the beat the kingdoms back to their homes, and conquered their cites.

upon their victory, they took control of the main continent. the 12 human kingdoms, using ancient magic, were cursed to be hairless, and labeled dammaz’i, and pressed into slavery. The kingdoms that did not participate where labeled Mer Varak and the kingdoms that helped in the defeat of the 12 kingdoms being named Mal Mer Varak.

High Elves, for their role in the war, were exiled from the surface. No-one really knows where they went, but it was assumed they were forced underground. Wood elves were forced onto reservations.

(insert a brief history of the Vishkanyas)

The dwarven kingdom started spreading, pushing southward into the deserts, where they encountered the Vishkanyas. The dwarves battled the Vishkanyas for many years before brokering a peace treaty with them. They spread further south into the fire giant jungles. they aligned themselves with the dark elves there , and are currently fighting the fire giants.

Justice System: Currently anyone accused of a crime is guilty until proven innocent.

Dammaz’i are mostly slave chattel. upon coming of age a dwarf is given 12 dammaz’i to represent the 12 human kingdoms that attacked the dwarven kingdoms. Dammaz’i may be slain on site, for no particular reason, without fear of reprimand (except for paying reparations to their owner, if any) The only way for a Dammaz’i to elevate him or herself is to serve in the army, where they are the front line. If they manage to survive many battles they may rise to the rank of Makaz’i a slightly elevated position. If the Makaz’i survives long enough in the army they may even be given their walking papers. where there walking papers permits them to travel freely, as long as they have their papers. They must carry their papers on them at all times if they travel, and anyone can demand to see their papers at anytime, for any reason.


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