Crew of “The Ship”

Gill HaldörHalfling/Hin; Former “legitimate” thief with the Thieves Guild and patron of The Thunderfell Nine.

Kali HammerfistDwarf; A former slave Ovsun Goldbeard, now the pilot of the mysterious flying ship.

Namari Shale DelverDwarf; A “black widow” found on the Isle of Sleeping Elves.

Borrag IronbonesOrc; A rebel leader who lead assaults against the Dwarven Empire, and was later imprisoned at the Thunderfell. He is now one of The Thunderfell Nine.

Gimthal FirehammerDwarf; A hired killer that escaped the Thunderfell and subsequently became one of The Thunderfell Nine.

Volker MountainsonDwarf; A former prison guard at the Thunderfell, who was in cahoots with Gil, and was later imprisoned. He escaped along with “The Nine”

Aldrich – Human/Verek; An assassin-turned-cleric of Sarenrae. He was imprisoned in the Thunderfell for “Impersonating a clergyman”, and attempted to take the life of Ovsun Goldbeard. His Goddess struck him blind in displeasure of the act.

Herth “Rumy” CarsmerGnome; Former captor and animator for the Onxy-born Pirates. Owner of Frank the flesh Golem. One creepy little bastard.

Pursuers of “The Nine”

Bartok BlackmaulDwarf; Head of the Central Sea Marines. Hopes to prove that bolder rolled far from the mountain by capturing The Thunderfell Nine without his father’s assistance.

Martok BlackmaulDwarf; Disgraced Empire General currently Head of the Thunderguard. He is currently toiling to bring the infamous “Nine” to justice.

Ovsun Geto GoldbeardDwarf; The greedy and malicious warden of the Thunderfell, and currently in hot pursuit of The Thunderfell Nine.

Citizens of Gromdal

Anur The Right-Handed BastardHuman/Varek; Jacob’s surly second in-command.

Errolan JardänDwarf; Dwarven Noble sympathetic to the plight of the Dammaz’i. Owns on the the more successful papers in Gromdal.

Beldrile "Silky" GottroneGnome; Staff at The Gromdal Institution of Magery, Academic Alteration, and Alchemical Studies. Runs the magic shop, his other duties are unknown.

Emanuel SayterhauseHuman/Mer Verrek; Former Thieves guild thief, he left to help his long time friend and partner start up a rival guild. After betraying Gill and sending him to the Thunderfell, he took over leadership of Gill’s crew, renaming them “dust devils”.

Flint FlaneryHalfling/Hin; Owner of the Combatorium.

Flairity FlaneryHalfling/Hin; Flint’s brother and announcer at the Combatorium.

Habib the AlabasterHuman/Dammaz’i; Cockroach egg vendor in the Furnace marketplace.

Jacob The Trustworthy (pro: Yak-obb) – Human/Varek; Gentleman, scholar, Game player, purveyor of fine goods, and smuggler… for a nominal fee, of course!

Merrywaether BoggsworthHuman/Dammaz’i; A self educated dammaz’i thief and philosopher, Boggs is a long-time friend of Gill’s.

Onewyr – Human/Dammaz’i; Dammaz’i bar Owner in the furnace, recently aided by the goblin, Pyke Mungpile.

Clan Redhammer

Balvic RedhammerDwarf; Patriarch of the Rehammer clan. he was a high ranking General until his adopted son Klad disgraced his family name. He was stripped of rank and sent home Gromdal to live in “retirement”.

Marla RedhammerDwarf; Clan Matriarch, and the closest thing to a mother Klad can remember. She is warm and supportive, if not a bit stubborn.

Kilgrim RedhammerDwarf; Pushed to the point of near-breaking during training, he has become a valuable member of the Imperial Military, despite hailing from Clan Redhammer.

Ulnar Rehammer – Dwarf; Despite his family’s disgrace, or perhaps because of it, he was hell-bent on proving his worth beyond what others thought of him. Belar now holds a prominent position in the Gromdal Watch.

Thovic RedhammerDwarf; Though hailing from a prodominatly military family, Ulgan chose a different means to apply himself, and enrolled in The Gromdal Institution of Magery, Academic Alteration, and Alchemical Studies in hopes of becoming a Wizard.

Risma RedhammerDwarf; Klad’s one and only sister had decided to dedicate her life to Torag, and seeks to “reforge” the Redhammers into a proud dwarven family again. Where once stood a happy young girl, now stands a cold, calculating holy warrior.

The Bloody Knuckles

Rakis StonebreakerDwarf; Leader of The Bloody Knuckles. He is both clever and strong. He was once Klad Redhammer’s mentor, and the dwarf that encouraged him to become a berserker.

Dorgan GreyaxeDwarf; A grizzled old warrior, he acts as the wisdom for the group, usually the only one that can get Lok or Luda to stop fighting each other long enough to fight someone else. He also officiates any competition between his companions

Lok HammerheartDwarf;

Luda HammerheartDwarf;

Bar KorupelDwarf; A new addition to the group of rages, he was a disbanded battlerager that joined with the Bloody Knuckles but did not originally serve with the group in the military.


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