The Thunderfell – An inescapable prison located in the heart of a volcano that juts from the ice of an ancient glacier. Prisoners are forced to mine and work the rare black glass that forms there.

Isle of Sleeping Elves – An island shrouded in fog and guarded my a Kraken. The High Elf inhabitants of the island’s sole city spend their days in a drug-induced haze, praying to a primordial demon they call “The Sleeping God”.

Port Town – A small town whose primary export is onyx. Unbeknownst to the Dwarven Empire, the dammaz’i workers who toiled there have overthrown the local government and have taken over operations of the town.

Ghost Town – A haunted town, wiped out by wraiths.

Gromdal – The capital and seat of power for the Dwarven Empire, located in a collapsed mountain.


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