Klad Slagson

A legendary berserker from the northern province. He was stripped of his clan name and imprisoned in Thunderfell Prison after dismantling peace-talks with the Frost Giants, thus starting a full-fledged war. He has since escaped


Klad Slagson – Barbarian (Savage, Totem Warrior) 12, Fighter 1
CG Dwarf
Init +; Senses Perception +

AC , touch , flat-footed (+ Armor, Dex, Deflection, + Dodge + Natural)
hp (12d12+1d10+)
Fort , Ref , Will

Speed 30 ft.

Str , Dex , Con , Int , Wis , Cha
Base Atk 13/8/3; CMB +; CMD



Name: Klad Slagson (Formerly Redhammer)
Aliases: “The Unbreakable”, “The Savage”, “Trucebreaker” ,“The Traitor”*
Race: Dwarf
Affiliations: Imperial Military, The Thunderfell Nine, The Bloody Knuckles
Status: Currently believed to be captured or dead.
Crimes: Accessory to the Murder of an Officer of the Law, Accessory to Rebellion, Assaulting an Officer of the Law, Burglary, Conspiracy, Escaping Custody, Inciting a War, Murder of Imperial Military Personnel, Unauthorized commandeering of a military vehicle
Threat Level: Very High

History: Klad was the sole survivor of a Frost Giant massacre. He was found by an Imperial patrol, chained to a rock, along with the rest of his family, essentially crucified. He was cut down by Balvic Redhammer, who took him in and adopted him.

Klad was trained as a soldier by Balvic, whom he looked to as a mentor, as well as a father. As time went on, Klad showed more aggressive tendencies. His fighting style became more brutal, and in his wide axe swings boiled an underlying anger. This grabbed the attention of Rakis Stonebreaker, a commander of a squad of Dwarven Battleragers. Rakis suggested Klad join them, and against his father’s wishes, agreed.

Klad quickly proved himself a capable battlerager, and became a living legend in the military. Tales of his exploits were told by bards the Empire over. His reputation grew by leaps and bounds, but that reputation would come to work against him.

In an unprecedented maneuver, The Empire offered to treat with the Frost Giants in what Klad called an act of cowardice. More insulting, Klad, slayer of a score of giants, was to be the official peace ambassador. In the moments before the treaty was to be signed, the battlerager was approached by the son of the Frost Giants’ Jarl. The only people who knew what was said between the two in those moments were Klad and the Jarl’s son. What is known that immediately after the conversation, the two joined in official combat. Klad showed no restrained and utterly slaughtered the Jarl’s son, thus forever destroying and possible peace between the Empire and the Giants. The event devolved into full-blown war.

Klad was apprehended and brought before a military tribunal. He was stripped of his clan name and rank, but the burden was not entirely hefted upon his shoulders, his family would also suffer. His father, Balvic, was forced into early retirement, unofficially stripped of his rank. The Redhammer name would be shamed. Immediately following the tribunal, Klad was sentenced to life in the Thunderfell.

In the volcanic prison he was stripped of his lengthy beard, and forced into hard labor. There he toiled for fifteen years, knowing only one friend; Aldrich, a man whom he saved from being brutalized by other inmates. The two watched each other’s backs for years. One day, Klad came into contact with a young halfling by the name of Gill Haldör. The hin offered a chance to escape the accursed prison, and the battlerager took it. They, along with the rest of the Thunderfell Nine stole an Imperial submersible, and left the Thunderfell behind.

Klad Slagson

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